Outside, the thick scent of orange blossoms is being cut by laser blasts.

I'm inside with my cold coffee, a mellow puddle of milky brown. I listen to the wind chimes in the May breeze, and the gardener's edger hums with dog bark punctuation marks in the distance. There's a pirate house in my back yard, and I clutch my coffee desperately. Everyone knows you need coffee if you have a pirate house in the back yard...especially when the pirates own laser guns.

Everyone is shouting. It sounds like a battle and I'm out of bananas. I have loud boys and laser guns, I have orange blossoms and old coffee.

The things I took for granted are up for debate, and I never know what I'm talking about.

"Mom, how do you spell mat?"

I smile because I think I know the answer. I say, "What makes an 'mmmmm' sound?"


And he's right and I throw the alphabet out the window.

I would have given you a different answer yesterday, but today if you ask me why I believe in the God of the bible, I will tell you it's because of orange blossoms and cows that make the mmmm sound.


  1. Your "words" are always so tongue-in-cheek, laugh-out-loud, wonderful to read. I feel thy pain. Although right now, I'm listening to little girls roar at each other like jaguars and pretend that their babie's are too pukey to goo to zoo school. I'm pretty sure that makes some sense. Somewhere. Somehow...

    1. Oh gravy. I think I needed to drink more coffee because I didn't even know I had published this..I hadn't finished working it out! HA!

    2. Sounds like something I'd do. Loud boys are the common denominator.

  2. Mmmmm says the cow! So funny. I love the picture of Tobin btw.:)

  3. Of course cows make the "mmmmm" sound! I love the way children build categories.

    And, you're right--one desperately needs coffee when one has a pirate house in the back yard.

    (My purty gravatar picture no longer shows up now that I've moved to Word Press. But it's me. I swear)

  4. I really just want to squeeze that baby.

  5. I think I need that Toy Story hat. I would be happy every time I wore it/saw someone wear it. I am also out of bananas - for almost a week now - and Bubby keeps asking for banana bread AND bananas are the easiest fruit to serve kiddos.
    This whole post I did a lot of nodding and smiling.

  6. What a smartie!!! It's so hilarious the way kids think. (PS: You're a smartie too...)

  7. What a beautiful post! I could picture, taste, smell and hear all of it! Thanks for sharing your day with me!

  8. Don't change a thing! Sometimes the best things are the randomness of life. I love this post!

  9. Sublime.

    Even in an unfinished form.

    (Isn't that what we all hope to be?)

  10. Don't sweat it, kid. There's a whole lot of genuine God-honoring love to be found here. Thanks for that.

  11. That is one cute baby! :)

    There's plenty of time for the boring old alphabet later! :)

  12. With a four-year-old in the house, we also find it quite true that the things my husband and I take for granted are up for debate.

  13. I laughed aloud at the cow phonics, and read it aloud to my seventeen year old.

    Grinning with you, Joanna, and appreciating your descriptive writing,

    Jennifer Dougan

  14. So cute. Yes, cows do say "mmm", don't they.

    Nora says, "I want to see cows," when they ride around in the country. Cows is well enunciated with an extended OW sound.

    And I love your profile picture. Just love it.



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