Things I Tell Myself

When you're low and on the ground you find things in the dirt.

Little green plants reaching to the sun. Ants. Snails. Earth worms. Mud. Rocks.

Every rock is different. Every ant is a soldier. Every blade of grass is an optimist. There's a whole world there, on the ground, where you are. Learn something, touch something. Move the dirt around.

Grace is everywhere.


  1. I need to be a blade of grass today.
    Or maybe I just need to be you.


  2. You're the bestest! You encouraged me to look up, even if I'm down.

  3. You are a poet.
    (Also - this feels like it could be a really beautiful children's book. Please write it so I can read it to my boys. No pressure.)

  4. did blogger eat my comment? it said this:

    amen. i will. thank you!



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